Maternity & Obstetrics


Antenatal Care encloses every follow-up, tests or procedures which helps the pregnancy journey to be safe and without any complications for the mother and child.

The ANC center in Vasai offers prenatal care and support for expectant mothers throughout their pregnancies.


Postnatal Care is the care given to the baby and the mother immediately after delivery.

The PNC center in Vasai provides postnatal care services for new mothers and their babies, ensuring their well-being after childbirth.

Normal delivery

Normal delivery is where your cervix dilates up to 10cms and the baby is delivered vaginally. Some patients might need assistance of vacuum.

You may start experiencing pain in abdomen, back, leaking or bleeding. Patient with active labour can be observed for 24 hours before taking any decision.

In Vasai, many maternity hospitals and birthing centers offer support for women who prefer a normal delivery, emphasizing natural childbirth methods and minimal medical intervention when possible.

Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS)

LSCS or Caesarean Section is done under emergency circumstances or if the patient opts for the method. It involves giving incision to the abdomen and the uterus to remove the baby out. This procedure is done under spinal anaesthesia.

Our hospitals equipped with advanced obstetric facilities provide lower segment cesarean section (LSCS) procedures when necessary to ensure the safe delivery of babies and mothers in vasai.

Extra peritoneal LSCS

Extra peritoneal LSCS is a surgical procedure of delivering the baby through caesarean section but without disturbing the peritoneum membrane (inner lining of stomach).

"In Vasai, specialized maternity centers offer extra-peritoneal LSCS, a technique aimed at reducing recovery time and minimizing complications during cesarean deliveries.

Epidural Delivery (painless delivery)

Epidural method allows anaesthesia to be injected which numbs lower body because of which are awake throughout the delivery and experience pressure but less pain as compared to normal delivery.

In some cases, epidural can fail and the patient may still experience pain.

Many hospitals provide epidural delivery options, offering painless delivery experiences for expecting mothers in vasai.

Family planning

Family planning or Tubal Ligation is a surgical procedure where the fallopian tubes (tubes connection ovary and uterus) are tied. Tubal Ligation is a type of permanent contraception, as the sperm are not able to fertilize the egg because of the tying of tubes. It can be reversed if the patient wishes to conceive naturally in future.

Family planning services in Vasai are available to help individuals and couples make informed decisions about their reproductive health and manage their fertility effectively.

Dilatation and Curettage (D&C)

It is a minor surgical procedure which involves dilation of the cervix (lower narrow end of uterus) through which a thin instrument is inserted and the uterine wall is scratched (curettage) to remove tissue. D&C is performed in case of a miscarriage, left over tissue after abortion or unexplained bleeding.

Medical facilities offer dilatation and curettage (D&C) procedures in vasai are for diagnosing and treating various uterine conditions.

Cervical Cerclage (OS Tightening) Surgery

Cervix is the lower most narrow opening of the uterus which connects the vagina to uterus. During labour pain, cervix dilates (expands and opens) and the baby is delivered. In some females this cervix might open before delivery. To correct this, the cervix is closed tightly with the help of a stitch or a band.

Reasons for this procedure can be short cervix, early dilatation, previous miscarriages, incompetent cervix, twin gestation etc.

We perform cervical cerclage (OS tightening) surgery in vasai to help prevent preterm birth and support pregnancies at risk of cervical insufficiency.

Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP)

Medical Termination of Pregnancy is a procedure where a registered medical practioner will terminate the pregnancy by the consent of the couple or the woman. The need for MTP can be for various reasons, example, abnormal pregnancy, life threatening situation for the mother, rape cases, failure of contraceptives etc.

The termination of pregnancy can be done with the help of prescribed pills or by operative method when the pregnancy is less than 7 weeks.

Healthcare providers offer medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) services in vasai are to support women who need to safely end a pregnancy.

Internal iliac ligation surgery

Internal Iliac Ligation is a life-saving procedure from emergency pelvic haemorrhage. It can be caused during any gynaecological or obstetric process.

Hysterectomy is not a suitable option for haemorrhage, especially if the patient is young. In such cases, ligation of the bilateral artery is carried out which controls the pulse as well as does not disturb or cause any complications in your future menstrual cycle.

Specialized medical centers perform internal iliac ligation surgery in vasai are to manage severe pelvic bleeding and other gynecological conditions.