Donor gamete program

Donor Gamete Programs have proven helpful to the patients who are not able to produce gametes; oocytes, sperm because of several reasons.

If a couple chooses to use donor gametes, the donor remains anonymous to the couple and vice versa. We match the donor with the couple and then recruit her/ him.

All investigations of the donor are carried out by the bank or the hospital.

The recipient couple get to know all the details about the donor.

If a couple has any special requests for how the donor should be, we try to accomplish those by choosing the perfect donor for you.

As per the new ART Bill passed (2022), it is mandatory for the recipient couple to submit a copy of their aadhar card and marriage certificate for legal documentation.

It is important that the decision is taken and agreed upon by both the partners and the child born out of this program will be there legal heir.

The rest of the process remains same once the embryos are formed.

In Vasai, there is a donor gamete program available, offering individuals the option to use donated eggs or sperm to achieve pregnancy.