Gamete Cryopreservation


Any female patient who wants to preserve her oocytes for future reproductive use can store her oocytes by cryopreserving them. In other context, any couple in need of donor oocytes can use these for their own reproductive use.

Gamete cryopreservation is offered in Vasai, providing individuals with the option to freeze their eggs or sperm for future use.


Sperm freezing is absolute necessity before the procedure. These cryopreserved sperm act as a backup when the husband is not able to produce semen sample on the day of procedure because of reasons like stress, anxiety etc. or if the husband is not available on the day of procedure.

Sperm freezing services are available in Vasai, allowing men to preserve their sperm for future fertility treatments.

The cryopreserved semen is discarded immediately on the day of procedure if not used.

Embryo and Blastocyst freezing

When a patient has good Day 3 embryo count, we may incubate these embryos further till Day 5 to form Blastocysts.

A single Blastocysts can also be transferred which decreases the risk of multiple pregnancies. It also helps in transferring likely implantable embryo in the uterus thus increasing the chances of pregnancies.

Embryo and blastocyst freezing services are available in Vasai, providing couples with options to preserve their embryos for future fertility treatments.